School of Engineering, Science and Technology at Nilai University College, Malaysia

The degree programs offered by Nilai University College (Nilai UC) School of Engineering, Science and Technology have been approved by the UEAC while diploma programs at Nilai UC are accredited by MQA. Nilai UC offers degrees in the fields of Automotive Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Diploma programs are available for the latter two disciplines as well as in Mechatronics Engineering. Diploma programs emphasize hands on training while degree programs are tailored to provide sound knowledge and design background.

Nilai University College MalaysiaFor an engineering degree to be accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC), the minimum period of study is four years after they have finished A Level, Foundation or Pre University. EAC accredited degrees are often required to meet stringent conditions to attain accreditation.

Aside from a recognized degree, Nilai UC has facilities to enhance the strength of their courses. For instance, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering diploma students have access to an aviation hangar while biotechnology students have access to a greenhouse, an applied tissue culture lab, costly HPLV equipment, DNA lab and a range of science labs to carry out projects. The facilities are supported by lecturers with industrial and academic experience.

The school also works with various industry partners and has an incubator centre to encourage interdisciplinary research. The incubator centre can function as a research centre to solve problems that are pertinent to the industry.

The courses offered at Nilai UC School of Engineering, Science and Technology are designed to fulfill the demands of the industry and to produce graduates capable of building careers in engineering. The accredited degree programs by EAC allow graduates to register with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEN), a necessary requirement to work as an engineer in the country. Work experience and professional assessments by BEM will earn engineering graduates professional engineer status, marked by the prefix ‘Ir’ and the suffix ‘Peng’ to their names. Graduates who join the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) may use the prefix ‘Engr’.

For information on Nilai UC and its programs, log on to or call 06-850 2338/ 07-226 2336/ 03-7960 3089/ 088-23 8811.