Management & Science University (MSU)

Management & Science University (MSU) through its Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies (FBMP) looks at contemporary trends and offer program of studies that augur well with the global economic transformation. Since Malaysia needs 60,000 accountants by 2020, FBMP is committed to meet the number of accountants required by the nation. MSU’s mission is to nurture and produce competent professionals for their stakeholders. MSU provides a solid foundation with knowledge, skills and professional ethics that enables MSU graduates to learn and adapt to changes in their professional lives.

The courses are designed to equip students with up to date knowledge and skills for the challenges in the field of accounting. Upon graduation, accounting graduate from MSU are ready to be accountants, auditors, finance and business executive, corporate planners, economic advisers, policy makers and others. Currently their accounting graduates are working with local as well as international firms such as MAS, Ambank, YTL Ltd, KPMG, BDO Binder and others.

MSU’s accountancy graduates will enjoy the following benefits from the professional accountancy body, ACCA through its Accelerate Program:

  • An initial ACCA registration fee is waived.
  • Enhances student’s curriculum vitae through MSU FBMP linkage with ACCA
  • Copies of ACCA’s regular magazine (Student Accountant) packed with technical articles and practical advice, relevant to degree and career aspirations for accounting students
  • Invitation for exclusive events- student meetings ,technical and soft skill training courses and experience sharing with ACCA members
  • Receive a regular copy of the ACCA local news update.
  • Emails of accounting and business news apart from the programs related to accountancy, FBMP also offers bachelor and diploma programs such as International Business, Decision Science, Industrial Management, Investment Management, Education (TESL), Law and Commerce, Human Capital Management, Retail Management, Early Childhood Education, Culinary Arts, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Event Management, Psychology and Marketing and Finance.

In MSU, students will be exposed to a working environment, as it is compulsory for them to undergo a six month industrial internship program at selected organizations based on their specialization, MSU also emphasizes the use of English for effective interpersonal interactions among its students. From time to time, the university invites visiting professor from local and foreign universities to enable students to gain knowledge and exposure on local and international issues.

MSU Malaysia UniversityThe entry requirement to MSU Bachelor programs are a minimum grade C in two subjects including General paper and passes D in two subjects in STPM. Students with KPM Matriculation Certificate, A Level, Foundation and other qualifications recognized by the MSU Senate are invited to join the Bachelor programs. Meanwhile the entry requirement for MSU Diploma programs is a minimum pass in SPM with five credits inclusive Bahasa Malaysia, Mathematics and the Sciences subject. MSU is committed at ensuring the best for its students. A comprehensive range of visiting professors who conduct regular semester visits provide valuable inputs to students. Further, various skills enhancement program which are aimed to improve competitiveness are offered to students.

Alternatively, the International Students Exchange Program (ISEP), Unit at MSU assists students towards enriching their academic pursuits at the international level. Through ISEP students may choose on the over 40 universities located in the USA, UK, Australia, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Japan, new Zealand, India and Indonesia to complete their degrees. The opportunity to study at these universities will enrich the student’s development and enhances their standings for a better career prospect.

The emphasis on programs which are industry relevant has always been a central tenet at MSU. A symbiosis between academic curriculum and industrial shifts has been crucial in determining the relevancy of its product to current trends. Such response to change has resulted in 95% of MSU’s graduates securing employment during the first six months upon graduation.