Diploma, Bachelor and Masters Programs in Early Childhood Education

University of Management and Technology (UMTECH), Malaysia aims to contribute significantly to the growth of the Early Childhood Education industry. It’s Faculty of Education and Social Sciences (FESS) offers a range of early childhood education programs from Diploma, Bachelor to Master degree qualifications. Three FESS UMTECH programs in specific have garnered significant interest. They are the Diploma in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Hons) and Master of Education (Med) (Early Childhood Education) programs.

The ECE team at UMTECH is committed to ensuring that dedicated ECE educators are trained to the highest professional standards to discharge their role in providing a sound foundation for the development of personality, character and intellect during the most formative years of the child.

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

The Diploma in Early Childhood Education program offers an excellent opportunity for non-graduate teachers, school leavers, and those interested in entering the teaching profession for the first time to be equipped with professional knowledge and teaching skills. The diploma program will also improve student’s management skills which are essentially needed in the field of early childhood education. It is designed for students to develop a deeper understanding of local realities in the field of education young children. The program will take one year to accomplish.

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Hons)

Umtech University MalaysiaThe Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) (Hons) program aims to equip graduates with knowledge and teaching skills for early childhood educators. The program focuses on the education of children from birth to eight years old. Two specializations are offered- Child Centre Management and Children’s Performing Arts. The program allows for the development of research skills.

The early childhood education program helps to prepare future graduates to meet the demands and challenges of the teaching profession at nursery and pre school levels. It complements the Government’s target of ensuring that all teachers in early childhood education are Bachelor degree holders for the Ministry of Education and at least Diploma holders in the private sector.

Master of Education (Med) with a specialisaton in Early Childhood Education

The Master of Education (Med) with a specialization in Early Childhood Education is offered in collaboration with the Graduate School UMTECH. This program is suitable for academics or educators seeking to pursue a higher level of knowledge and expertise in the education field of early childhood development and instruction. It is suitable for those involved in the provision of early childhood education services such as crèches, kindergartens and nurseries.

The Faculty of Education and Social Sciences

UTMECH FESS dean Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Sofi Ali leads an experienced and dynamic team of early childhood educators who are constantly engaged in research and development at local and international levels. Their research and publications are at the forefront of early childhood education, development and instruction in the country. The offering of these three early childhood education programs by the Faculty signifies the importance of Early Childhood Education in Malaysia.

If you posses a caring attitude with a desire to make a difference, you will find a rewarding experience through its Early Childhood Education Program. Enrolment is now open for FESS June Intake.