Open Distance Learning at Wawasan Open University Malaysia

Wawasan Open University (WOU), Malaysia with its unique flexible Open Distance Learning (ODL) system brings education to today’s working professionals by breaking down barriers of time, space and cost. The university’s aim is to deliver quality tertiary education through its recognized and accredited programs in various areas of specializations. WOU caters for adult learners form all walks of life. Discover how Wawasan Open University’s unique learning experience can benefit you.

Affordable Education with Flexible Tuition Payment

At Wawasan Open University, fees are kept low and even better, the university practices a flexible payment system where you pay only for the number of courses registered in each semester. To provide more study opportunities to adult learners, the university offers new students access to great fee rebates and WOU Study Grand for those eligible when they register for any of the undergraduate programs. Other financial incentives are in store to make learning more affordable.

You Decide How Flexible Your Study Schedule

You will decide what to study anytime, anywhere. The self-paced learning environment ensures that learners are not burdened with a rigid schedule and fixed durations. At WOU, there is no maximum time limit imposed. You may even take a break between semesters and plan your progress at your own pace, convenience and availability.

Student Centered Learning Support

 Malaysia University Distance LearningWith an effective blend of conventional and technology based delivery methods, you will enjoy the best of both worlds at WOU. The Open Distance Learning environment at Wawasan Open University, Malaysia serves to develop the student’s skills as they absorb knowledge through self learning, monthly face to face tutorials, additional tutor assistance via phone or email counseling and other user friendly ICT based learner support services. The university’s unique learning management system, the WawasanLearn, offers an interactive platform for students to interact with the students in WOU and manage their studies at their own pace.

Recognized and Accredited by Industry and Government

All WOU programs are approved by Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). Following the graduation of its inaugural batch of students in 2010, the Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration (CeMBA) program as well as the 11 business and technology degree programs are now recognized by the Public Service Department (JPA). The programs also receive endorsement from numerous key industry players.

Meeting Expectations of Today’s Demanding Employers

Online Distance Learning requires independent thinking and confidence, qualities international and local employers recognize in WOU students. College and university graduates of today are expected to have a much stronger business understanding, soft skills and knowledge of leading edge technology such as cloud computing, Web 2.0 and beyond. Knowledge driven organizations should invest in training their workforce. Workers themselves must also realize that increasing their skills base enhances their employability and hence promotion prospects.

Industry Driven Curricular Design

All Wawasan Open University’s programs from diploma to doctorate level were designed by leading international and local experts with input from the key industry figures and organizations. At postgraduate level, the university offers the Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration and the Commonwealth Executive Master of Public Administration, jointly developed by subject experts from open universities across the Commonwealth in collaboration with the Vancouver based Commonwealth of Learning. It also offers two MBA programs with specializations in construction management and manufacturing and production management and Doctor and Masters of Philosophy to professionals in the respective industries.

University Admission for Students with Lesser Academic Qualifications

Apart from regular university admission, WOU also admits students through its unique Open Entry admission system. Aspiring students who do not possess the necessary academic qualifications but have sufficient work experience are eligible to enroll through this unique open entry admission system. In a knowledge driven economy, the issue is no longer how much a person knows. It is more on how one can make use of the opportunities available to undergo constant skills upgrading and retraining in order to stay ahead of your competitors in today’s demanding workplace. With this WOU is committed to meeting the needs of working adults through its flexible, affordable and accessible education.

Wawasan Open University Malaysia