Learning Foreign Languages at UCSI Professional Academy

Any language, anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyhow in a fun and contextual way is The Language Institute’s (TLI) at UCSI Professional Academy’s (UPA) vision in learning languages. The quality and professional foreign language courses, native and experienced teaching staff, international campus environment and vibrant surroundings will provide language learners with the best experience for language learning.

Any Language

UPA offers a range of language courses that are developed professionally by experts of the fields. It is not only kenon for its effective English courses but also courses in languages such as Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia, French, Japanese, Korean and Arabic. With the vision to expand the foreign language courses, the academy aims to offer more foreign language courses in the near future. Already in the pipeline are Spanish and German languages courses due to be launched in September.

Currently, the academy’s Korean language Program is certified by Inha University Language Centre, and UPA is collaborating with the British Council, Universiti Malaya, Tourism Malaysia Tokyo and other distinguished educational institutions and organizations.


People have various reasons for wanting to learn a language and thus, no matter what the reason is, UPA strives to fulfill everyone’s needs. In other words, the academy opens its doors to local and foreign students of different ages and backgrounds. International students seeking to improve their English skills either for academic or social reasons are catered for as well, through a range of English programs designed to suit their needs.

The accredited Certificate in English is for those who want to further their education, whereas the English Holiday Program is a short term program offered to those who want to improve their English language skills. With the vast range of courses to select from and the option to customize courses available, UPA caters to anyone who is interested in language learning.

Foreign language ucsi

Anywhere and Anytime

Situated within an outstanding landmark in the vicinity, UCSI Professional Academy provides a university campus environment that allows its students to experience campus life while studying. The academy believes that learning a foreign language is easy when it is fun and the teachers are trained to use the fun and contextual method to achieve desired results. UPA believes that languages learning should not be confined to the classroom but should be applied to daily life for more effective results. The language activities take the students out to the confined four walls of the classroom and into real life situations where their learning can be put to good use. Students are able to obtain extra materials to aid their learning as well as join the online forums and lessons where they receive instructions and advice from their class teachers.


In the classroom, a variety of language games and presentations will be initiated with lessons to enable students to share their ideas and opinions. Students will also be taken on education trips. They will also be assigned to organize and attend events to increase their exposure and application of the language.

Besides the classroom, students can also practice their language skills at the Language Lab that has various facilities to accommodate their language learning. The online learning also helps students to achieve their goals. Language learning through any means is what UCSI Professional Academy strives for to bring out the excellence in you. The process of learning and acquiring a language is supposed to be something inspiring, full of fun and motivation. UPA understands that students are looking for a learning environment that does not have too many restrictions or rule.

For more information, call 03-9130 8888 or email tliinfo@upa.edu.my. Visit its website at www.upa.edu.my